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World-class monozukuri(shop-floor technology)

Ever since its foundation in 1955 as Sugiura Iron Works in Takahama City, Aichi
Prefecture, YUTAKA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has devoted its concentrated efforts to
cutting work that is one of the basic components of monozukuri(shop-floor technology)
and manufactured automobile parts. In an increasingly globalized world, with growing
customer need for monozukuri(shop-floor technology) both domestically and overseas,
we aim at being “Reliable YUTAKA,” with excellent quality assurance, cost improvement,
and leading technology development. We continuously aim toward developing new
machining technologies and expanding our manufacturing facilities based on our many
years of accumulated know-how in cutting work.
Our mission is to provide our customers with satisfaction and reassurance through our
parts works, thereby helping them enhance their competitiveness. Through these efforts
customers will gain conffidence in the name “YUTAKA.”
By sticking with the basics, we will continue concentrating all our knowledge and
technologies to further develop world-class monozukuri(shop-floor technology), and
meet our customer’s exoectations for the very best.

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