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Company History


Sugiura Iron Works was established by Yutaka Sugiura in Takahama City, Aichi Prefecture with 3 employees.

1959 Established business with Nippondenso Co., Ltd. as its special subcontractor.
1967 YUTAKA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was established Yutaka Sugiura was appointed as the company’s first president.
1968 YUTAKA INDUSTRY became formal subcontractor of Nippondenso Co.,Ltd.
1969 Joined the Association of Nippondenso Co., Ltd. Purchased 6,300㎡ industrial site in Sato-cho for Anjo Plant.
1973 Anjo Plant NO.1 was completed.
1974 Anjo Plant NO.2 was completed
1975 Nippondenso Co., Ltd. designated Anjo Plant as a QC model plant.
1978 Anjo Plant NO.3 was completed.
1981 7,720㎡ industrial s ite was purchased in Kani City for Gifu Plant Yukinori Watanabe was appointed as the company’s second president.
1982 Gifu Plant was completed.
1986 Robots and rotary automatic inspection devices were developed.
1987 LK-type rotary inspection devices went on sale for the first time.
1988 Trial production plant was completed.
Anti-pollution facilities was completed.
1991 Reinforced 2-story Gifu Plant expansion was completed.
1994 Anjo Plant NO.3 was expanded.
1995 21.5-acre U.S. plant construction began.(Cleveland Yutaka Corporation)
1996 Head Office was moved from Takahama Plant to Anjo Plant, and Takahama Plant was closed.
1996 Construction of Cleveland Yutaka Corporation plant was completed, and operation started.
2001 QS-9000 / ISO 9001 certifications was acquired.
2001 ISO 14001 certification was acquired.
2004 Anjo Plant NO.4 was completed.
2005 Hiroshi Sugiura was appointed the company’s third president.
2007 Grand prize was awarded as an excellent supplier for DENSO Corporation.
2008 Cost improvement award was received from ASMO Co., Ltd.
Anjo Plant NO.5 was completed.
2011 PT. YTK INDONESIA established.
2012 PT. YTK INDONESIA Plant was completed.
2013 Cold forging equipment introduced.
Established business with Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
2014 Gifu Plant NO.2 was completed.
Established business with HAMANAKODENSO CO., LTD.
2015 Cleveland Yutaka Corporation plant expanded.
2016 Induction heat treatment equipment introduced
Established business with SUMITOMO RIKO Company Limited.
2018 Anjo Plant NO.6 was completed.


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