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Quality Policy

q1We aim to establish a business that is capable
of making immediate decisions on and immediate responses to any matter, to meet our customer’s expectations, and to ensure customer satisfaction so that every employee can look to a brighter future. Each employee aims to make the most of his or her areas of specialization with full recognition of the environment and safety, bravely meeting challenges before them, and strives to take on worldclass monozukuri (shop-floor technology).


1.Embrace a thorough quality-first attitude.

Through monozukuri (shop-floor technology), develop a strong sense of responsibility toward safety and the environment.

2.Implement quality assurance at every step in the process.

Ensure high quality through reliable processes by cooperatively working with other departments, meet customer’s expectations, and provide complete satisfaction.

3.Promote quality control through full participation (cooperative efforts).

Each employee recognizes his or her roles, and achieves reliable work.

In addition to complying with laws and regulatory requirements, in order to accomplish the desired results based on our quality policy and goals (ultimate goals), we formulate annual business policy and goals in accordance with the “policy control procedure,” and disseminate them to all departments so that all employees understand them. In addition to management reviews, we also conduct reviews to respond proactively to changing situations, and to better meet our customer’s expectations.

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