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Environmental Policy

Basic Concept

Yutaka Industry deeply recognizes the mission, common to all humankind, is to pass on the rich global environment to future generations. Each employee pays attention to the world and the future, and works on continuous environmental conservation and improvement through “Manufacturing”. We intend to not only contribute to the preservation and improvement of the environment, but for natural and living environment, by reducing the burden on the global scale to realize a recycling-oriented society and the well-being of people.

Environmental policy

Based on this concept, Yutaka Industry has established, maintained, and implemented the following policy

1. The company focuses on the following as priority measures
❶Antipollution activities ①Prevention of accidents involving oil released outside the company properties
②Prevention of oil leakage within factories
③Reduction or elimination of noise, etc.
❷Energy and resource conservation ①Reduction of amount of used cutting and machine tools
②Reduction of amount of used fats and oils
③Reduction of amount of used parts in manufacturing equipment
④Reduction of amount of electricity consumed (air conditioning, lighting, electrical apparatus, facilities power, etc.)
⑤Reduction of amount of used work gloves and waste rags
⑥Reduction of defective products
⑦Proper control of waste, etc.
❸Green procurement (environment-friendly materials and suppliers)  
2. We will strive for continuous improvement to reduce the environmental impact caused by our business activities and prevent environmental pollution.
3. We will strictly observe legal requirements pertaining to the environment as well as others we have agreed to.
4. We will set environmental objectives and targets. Along with striving to attain them, we will review periodically and strive to reduce impact on the environment.
5. We will make sure our entire staff (including suppliers, outsource contractors, subcontractors, etc.) are aware of our environmental policy, take measures to enhance self-awakening and awareness, enhance awareness regarding environmental conservation and environmental problems through our business practice.
6. We will promote awareness of our environmental policy through advertisement in our website, posters, etc.

Range of Application

Applicable Locations Head Office: Anjo factory
1-17 Hiyoshi, Satocho
Anjo-shi, Aichi-ken

Gifu Factory: 2-5 Himegaoka, Kani-shi
Applicable Work ①Manufacture of machine parts for means of transportation such as automobiles
②Manufacture of production equipment and auxiliary equipment
③Clerical activities
Clerical activities Employees engaged in work inside the company, temporary staff and labor provided from external sources

Quality Policy

Our aim is to be a company that satisfies customers by living up to their expectations, establishing a management base capable of “quick response” to anything, whereby each and every employee works toward a certain future with bright hope.
Also, each and every employee utilizes his/her specialty field with strong awareness for the safety and boldly challenge to make world-class products.

1. Thorough Quality-First Principle
Have a strong sense of responsibility for safety and the environment through manufacturing.
2. Quality Assurance Built into Each Process
Ensure quality through reliable system of cooperation among departments to earn customer satisfaction by living up to their expectations.
3. All Participation in Quality Control (interplay)
3. All Participation in Quality Control (interplay)

In order to attain the required quality based on our policy and desired form, not to mention strict observance of legal requirements, we set annual targets and management policy based on “policy management regulations” and expand it to all departments so it can be understood by the entire staff.
We also attempt to live up to customers’ expectations by thorough management reviews and adjustment to changes in circumstances and conditions.